The Board of Directors includes 7 members, including two independent directors.

Chairman: Carlo Alessandro Puri Negri

CEO: Paolo Rella

Board Members: Giacomo Garbuglia, Mariarita Scolaro, Giuseppe Roveda, Giuseppe Gallo and Claudio Recchi, independent directors.


The Board of Statutory Auditors consists of 3 members:

President: Giorgio Amato,

Auditors: Mauro Zanin and Paolo Salvaderi

The tasks of the Audit Committee ex d.lgs. 231/2001 are attributed to the Board Statutory Auditors. For any communication and reporting to the Audit Committee please refer to

The organizational structure includes administrative, corporate, legal, accounting and control functions. The Company also has business relations with the following external consulting firms:

  • EY - External audit;
  • F2A S.r.l. - Company and Funds Accounting;
  • Société Générale Securities Services S.p.A. - Fund Accounting.